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Rooster Dirt Farm

Butchers Reserve Pork Box

Butchers Reserve Pork Box

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Healthy, ethically raised meat starts with our Butchers Reserve Pork Box. Elevate your family dinners and feel good about what you eat, your family deserves it. 

Our premium Mangalitsa pork is renowned for its rich marbling, creamy high omega-3 fat, exceptional taste and health benefits. Our pigs are pasture-raised and acorn-finished in the Appalachian mountains, ensuring a unique, nutty flavor and tender meat. 

Eat with peace of mind knowing our pigs are raised ethically and humanely with an "almost wild" life roaming acres of mountainside & pastures. We have the highest standards for quality and purity for our food. Nothing stands between us and the best quality pork you can buy; we don't cut corners. Our family eats only the best and we want your family to as well. 

What's inside the box? 

Each Butchers Reserve Pork box includes hand selected premium cuts that are only the best of the best. This is the best of what the Mangalitsa pig has to offer. The perfect box of cuts for those who care about the best and want to share the best with their friends and family. Save by buying in bulk. Your box will include the following:

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"Our daughter is a picky meat eater sometimes. everytime I cook this pork she goes crazy for it." - Ben J.

Act Fast - We sell out quickly!

Mangalitsa pork raised this well is a rare find, and due to the meticulous care involved in raising our pigs, supplies are extremely limited. Our bulk boxes are perfect for families looking to eat clean, sustainably raised meat, pork enthusiasts, foodies, chefs and anyone who is looking to improve their health at a great value. Our previous batches have sold out in record time, and this one will be no different. We only sell our pigs twice a year so be sure you don't miss out on this opportunity. This is more than just pork; it's a celebration of superior taste and sustainable farming!

Free Bonus Gifts!

As a thank you for being so awesome and pre-ordering the most humanely raised, tastiest pork and just for appreciating good food, we want to give you a little something. If you order by July 24th we will include a free special pork item as well as some free seasonings from our friend over at NRJ spice.

PS. By ordering now, you will also be added to our exclusive VIP pork & pasture raised chicken list. This will give you first access to our future pre-orders. Our stuff goes fast so you will want to be sure and get on this list.

Our superior quality pork is always

pasture raised & acorn/hickory nut finished in the mountains. Often referred to as the "Kobe Beef Of Pork" with unparalleled taste and texture.

Our mangalitsa pigs are finished on the Appalachian mountain sides. There they find an abundance of wild cherries, raspberries, other fruits, roots, mountain plants, hickory nuts, acorns and so much more. This adds to their great fatty acid profile and helps create a flavor that you didn't know pork could have!

We use regenerative farming practices that promote the health of the pigs, the soil, increases biodiversity and promotes overall ecological wellness. We give back more than we take from Mother Earth.

We rotate our pigs frequently depending on the size of the pigs and the herd. Rotating them keeps them from destroying the plants and landscape and in fact, helps regenerate the land as they gently disturb the ground and drop their manure to help fertilize the land. We also buy their supplemental grain from a local farm who is growing his grain regeneratively.

Our feed is tested soy, GMO & Glyphosate Free

We are proud to use a local feed from Ernst Grain & Livestock that is tested GMO and glyphosate free. He uses no till practices which helps preserve the soil. We are proud to say he has converted many of his conventional farm neighbors to growing non-GMO, no till grain for him.

We never use antibiotics, hormones, or chemical fertilizers

Ethically Raised, Meticulously Cared For, Humanely Harvested & Expertly Butchered

We use two local, family owned and operated, USDA inspected artisanal butcher shops for our harvesting. We have toured their facilities and personally know the owners and employees. They strive for the same quality we do and treat the animals with the same care and respect we do.

Studies show mangalitsa pigs have higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and other nutrients than more conventionally raised pigs

How & when will my pork be shipped?

Our next batch of pigs will be cut by our expert butchers and ready to ship out Monday, August 5th. You will receive an email with tracking info when your order ships. If you chose the option to pickup at the Leesburg Farmers Market, I will contact you for a Saturday that works best for you to pickup. We use UPS 2nd day or 3rd day air to ship, depending on the time of year and location. We pack our frozen pork in Styrofoam coolers with enough ice packs to get to the destination frozen. If there are any questions or issues with your order, or you need special shipping, please contact us.

"Very delicious pork chops, the meat is full of flavor and the fat is rich and buttery. It's tastier and healthier than any supermarket or local butcher around me that I could never go back. Rooster dirt farm is my new source for pork, can't wait to try the other cuts they offer." - Erik V.

How much freezer space will I need?

The average freezer size in your home refrigerator is about 4 cubic feet. Here is how much space you need for our pork boxes:

  • 1/2 Pig Box - 3.5 to 4 cubic ft
  • 1 Whole Pig Box - 7 cubic ft
  • Grillers Dream Box - 1.5 to 2 cubic ft
  • The Smokers Dream Box - 2 cubic ft
  • The Family Value Box - 2.5 - 3 cubic ft
  • Bacon Lovers Box - 1 cubic ft
  • All About Sausage Box - 1 cubic ft
  • Butchers Reserve Box - 1 cubic ft
  • Breakfast Box - 1 - 1.5 cubic ft

We recommend purchasing a small chest freezer from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart or even better, your local appliance store. You will repay the cost of the freezer very quickly by buying your meat in bulk vs going to the store whenever you need a cut for a single meal. Plus you can have peace of mind knowing there is always food available for your family right in your own freezer.

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