Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you eggs and pork gmo free, soy free and glyphosate free?

Yes! We use a local feed that is tested for GMO cross contamination and is tested for glyphosate. We also use their soy free feed blend. Our pigs and chickens are on pasture and mountain ground that has not been treated with any chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Are your meat and eggs antibiotic, added hormone and vaccine free?

Yes, they are antibiotic, added hormone and vaccine free. We practice rotational grazing and improve our genetics through selective breeding to ensure our livestock thrive without any antibiotics, added hormones or vaccines.

How and when will my shipment arrive?

We use UPS 2nd day air, or UPS 3 day select to ship, depending on the weather. We ship orders every Tuesday. Orders received after 8am Tuesday will ship the following Tuesday. Your shipment will come in a cooler packed with enough dry ice and ice packs to ensure your meat arrives frozen.

My meat is thawed or partially frozen upon receiving, what should I do?

Upon receiving your shipment, you should open it and inspect it immediately. As long as your meat is below 41 degrees fahrenheit, your meat is safe to eat. If it is partially thawed it is fine to refreeze without affecting the quality of the meat. If it is above 41 degrees, please contact us within 24 hours of the delivery via our contact page. We will ask for a picture of the shipment to be texted to us. Past 24 hours, we cannot accept responsibility for thawed meat as we pack enough dry ice for the transit time +24 hours to keep our meat frozen.

Are your meat, eggs and pork organic?

We are not "certified organic" because of the high cost of certification, and nebulous requirements. HOWEVER, we practice organic practices and many of our standards are above and beyond organic standards. All of our feed is certified non-GMO, soy free, and tested glyphosate free. We do not give antibiotics, hormones or vaccines. We do not use any herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic or not. Our pastures and mountain sides are chemical free. We water our animals with fresh, untreated mountain well water. Instead of paying for costly certifications, we would rather build relationships with our customers and encourage them to come to our farm to see for their selves. If you have any questions about our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page. You can talk directly to the farmer (Logan) that takes care of day to day feeding and growing of all of our food.

Are your animals humanely harvested?

We are proud to say our animals are humanely harvested and handled gently before harvest. We do not use cattle prods, force, or any abusive techniques to load our animals for butcher. They are trained to our trailer and go in on their own and then transported to a USDA certified family owned butcher shop for processing. We use two local, small, family owned butcher shops to humanely harvest and process our animals. We have personally toured these facilities and know the folks who run them and can ensure our animals are treated respectfully while there.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to text or call the farmer who directly takes care of the animals and grows the food.