Why we farm

We are Logan and Jess Peck. Our farming journey started out like I believe many others’ does these days: we took a look at our food system and realized much of what we were eating was either not real food or if it was, it was poisonous in some way. This inspired us to get our food from the only source we could actually trust: ourselves! So we set out to find a small homestead.

We started with a garden and 20 chickens and from there, our farm spun out of control! Before we knew it we had pigs, goats and cows. Logan sold his first cluster of yellow oyster mushrooms to a restaurant and soon enough half of our basement was transformed into a mushroom growing room, which has now grown into a full blown mushroom growing operation.

We’ve been at it farming full time for 6 years now, and through our experiences and the people we’ve met, the meaning of this lifestyle has changed for us. While eating well is still of utmost importance, farming has also become a sense of what is still real and true in a world seemingly spinning out of control. Our real exchanges and connections with people create a sense of community, and working with nature grounds us in reality. And with our move back to our hometown and the birth of our daughter, this sense of real community with others and living in tune with our earth & its seasons is even more important to us.

We are grateful for what farming has taught us thus far, and for all the wonderful people we’ve met (and have yet to meet!) along the way. We intend to keep learning and growing, providing delicious and nutritious food, and bringing as much realness and goodness to the table as we can for ourselves, our daughter and our community. 

Thanks for supporting your local farmers! 

Logan & Jess

We call Pennsylvania Home

Our farm is located in the heart of the Appalachian mountains of South Central Pennsylvania in a town called McConnellsburg. Jess & I (Logan) were born and raised here. After living in a few other places, we are honored to come back home and revive our family farm and restore health back to the land and our community.