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If you are like us, we took a look at where our meat was coming from and were disturbed.

The conditions in which the animals were raised in were awful, the diets they were fed were divorced from their natural diets and the breeds of animals were almost unrecognizable from what our grandparents knew. How could something as simple as meat become bathed in chemicals and disrespect?

We knew something had to change. We wanted to eat clean food and be sure our future kids would be able to eat the healthiest cleanest meat possible while also not destroying the world they will inherit in the process.

We did the only thing that seemed reasonable...we started our own farm. Here is how it went:

If you know me (Logan), you know I am an obsessive researcher on what is the healthiest, best way to do something. I don't care how weird it is, how much more work it is or what others think about it. If it is better, I will do it, at all costs. This was me when researching what breed of pigs to raise.

I wanted the best.

This led me to the Mangalitsa pig, which originated in Hungary. You see, unlike the modern breeds that are raised by the 10's of thousands in "pig barns" and are so lean and pale in color that our great grandparents wouldn't even recognize them as a pig, the Mangalitsa is still as it was 100 years ago.

It was bred over generations for its creamy white fat that was good for charcuterie. Little did they know that they were breeding for a pig that was high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Yes you read that right, a pig high in the good fats. It really is a magical pig and has been dubbed by many the "Kobe Beef of Pork". Once you taste it once, you will understand.

If this isn't enough for you to click this "shop pork" link then read on, it gets better.

Do you hate Factory Farms and how they treat animals? Us Too!

Look to nature and it will give you a template for how things should be done.

This is the motto I used when determining how I wanted to raise our pigs. In nature pigs roam through the woods and pastures grazing on grasses, nuts, fruits and digging for roots.

Contrast our way of raising pigs with how the modern factory farms raise them; crammed in a barn by the thousands never to see the light of day. Of course, this results in an animal completely divorced from the environment it was meant to live in. It results in stress, disease and unhappiness in the animal leading to the use of hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive...far from the kind of animal you would want to eat right?

We fixed this.

mangalitsa pigs rooster dirt farm

Our pigs are "Almost Wild"

Our pigs are born & raised on the farm roaming free in the pastures and mountainsides in the Appalachian mountains.

By raising them freely like this they are allowed to express their natural desires and behaviors. They eat what is natural to them and in return, give back to the ecosystem instead of degrading it like factory farming does.

Of course happy pigs like ours give the healthiest and most delicious meat you can find anywhere, we guarantee it.

Big Ag says:

"Faster, Fatter, Cheaper"

We say:

"Happier, Healthier, Humane"

Its amazing how you can solve problems when you approach something through a completely different way of thinking.

We hear all the time from folks that they don't eat meat because of how animals are treated.

We completely agree.

The way animals in factory farms are treated is unnecessary and it doesn't need to be like that. So that brings up the question....why do they do it?

The simple answer is time, money and effort.

Time & Money: Our pigs, the mangalitsa, takes almost twice as long to raise (11-12 months vs 6-7 months) as the breed the factory farms use. This results in feed costs that are almost twice as high. To top that off, we only use the highest quality, non-GMO, soy free, glyphosate (roundup) free feed we can buy to supplement their diet....oh yeah, he uses regenerative ag practices as well :)

To top it off, we have partnered with small, family owned, expert butchers that care about quality just as much as we do. Contrast that to the huge slaughterhouses that big ag sends their pork to. Sure its fast, cheap and effective, but what about the quality?

Try asking a big slaughterhouse if you can come tour their will promptly be escorted off premises. Now go to the butcher we will be warmly welcomed...I know because I have personally toured the butcher shop.

Effort: Of course, the kind of meticulous care that we give to our pigs is much more labor intensive than just throwing them in a barn and automating everything.

We have to move portable fences, clear paths for the fences through the woods, carry food & water, trailer and move pigs to new mountain pastures and check the pigs twice daily. Also, pigs don't take holidays, nor do they care if its raining, snowing, or just downright cold. They must be cared for no matter what.

All of this is a lot of work, and therefor it takes a ton of time and money, but we think it is worth it. Once you taste this pork we think you will too.

After all, what price do you put on your families health and the health of the environment we will leave to our children?

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