• mangalitsa pigs rooster dirt farm

    Pasture raised heritage pigs raised using regenerative farming practices

    We raise a slower growing heritage breed of pig called the Mangalitsa. This breed originates from Hungary and is know for its creamy white fat that is high in omega 3 and highly marbled red meat...think the Kobe Beef of pork. All of our pigs are born naturally in the pastures and mountains at our farm. We never use chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, added hormones, GMOS or soy.

  • mangalitsa pigs rooster dirt farm

    Hand fed to encourage a natural diet

    We raise our pigs on the diverse, rich mountain sides and hand feed them a limited amount of grain in the evening so they are encouraged to eat their natural diet during the day. In the evening we give them a ration of non-GMO & soy free grain & minerals to ensure they have a well rounded diet as well as access to unlimited fresh mountain water.

  • Acorn, Wild Cherry & Hickory Nut Finished

    After the first 4 months in the pasture, our pigs are rotated along the mountain sides where they have access to an abundance of wild cherries, hickory nuts, acorns, roots, berries and lots of other wild mountain plants. Not only is this great for the pigs health, but it helps regenerate the forests and keeps them healthy as well.

"Every time I cook this pork, my family is always blown away by how good it is." - Carol s.

Any Questions?

Have a question about how our food is grown or any other questions? Call or text the farmer directly.

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