Collection: Pasture Raised, Acorn Finished Mangalitsa Pork - Non GMO & Soy Free

**RESTOCKING AT THE END OF JULY, SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER FOR UPDATES** Always non GMO, soy free, chemical free, antibiotic free, hormone free, vaccine free, regeneratively raised, and ethically treated & harvested. Farmed with love and passion on a small family farm in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania.

Our pork is always

pasture raised & acorn/hickory nut finished in the mountains

Our mangalitsa pigs are finished on the Appalachian mountain sides. There they find an abundance of wild cherries, raspberries, other fruits, roots, mountain plants, hickory nuts, acorns and so much more. This adds to their great fatty acid profile and helps create a flavor that you didn't know pork could have!

We use regenerative farming practices that are good for the health of the land and the pigs

We rotate our pigs frequently depending on the size of the pigs and the herd. Rotating them keeps them from destroying the plants and landscape and in fact, helps regenerate the land as they gently disturb the ground and drop their manure to help fertilize the land. We also buy their supplemental grain from a local farm who is growing his grain regeneratively.

Our feed is tested soy, GMO & Glyphosate Free

We are proud to use a local feed from Ernst Grain & Livestock that is tested GMO and glyphosate free. He uses no till practices which helps preserve the soil. We are proud to say he has converted many of his conventional farm neighbors to growing non-GMO, no till grain for him.

We never use antibiotics, hormones, or chemical fertilizers

Ethically Raised & butchered

We use two local, family owned and operated USDA inspected butcher shops for our harvesting. We have toured their facilities and personally know the owners and employees. They strive for the same quality we do and treat the animals with the same care and respect we do.

Studies show mangalitsa pigs have higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids than more conventionally raised pigs

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