Why We Farm

I believe one of the biggest turning points in our lives was the 45 day road trip we took after we graduated college. During this trip, ourselves and two of our friends traveled 12,000 miles across the entire country and lived out of our van and tent. When we returned home, and for the first time as young adults, dove into the basic American 9-5 grind, it did not take long for things to not feel right. We wondered what went wrong. Could it be that we weren't living in the right location? Or perhaps we chose the wrong occupations? Why had we felt so happy living in a tiny van and now felt the total opposite in our own home? We realized that the main difference was during our trip, we were living in tune with nature. We rose with the sun each morning and fell asleep with darkness. We traveled through, observed and wrapped ourselves in her beauty each and every day. We were happy without possessions because the newness and freshness of nature infused us with all the positive energy we needed. 

Nature is missing from our lives in so many ways in today's society. We live in cities, where we miss out on her swaying forests and her glimmering stars in the sky. We sit all day in closed-up offices, missing the feeling of her breeze through our hair and the warmth of her sun's rays on our cheeks. We eat genetically modified foods created in a lab instead of nature's local bounty that she has been perfecting for thousands of years. 

Living in a traveling van is hardly an option, but getting back to nature through organic, natural, regenerative farming is. So that is exactly what we decided to do. 

We want to learn all that we can about nature's processes on our farm: her growing seasons, soils, climates and microclimates, and ultimately her bounty of food! And we want to provide the nourishing delights she helps us grow to everyone we can in our local community. Our food is always non-GMO and pasture raised. We never use pesticides or herbicides. Building soil and better ecosystems for all is our guiding principle. 

We are so happy to provide this as our "service." Living in tune with nature is the only life that feels meaningful to us.


Thanks for supporting your local farmers! 

Logan & Jess